The Bali Starling or Bali Mynah, is endemic to Bali and critically endangered. It’s a highly prized bird for wildlife trade for its beauty and vocal capability as a songbird. This striking white bird with a distinctive blue mask was virtually extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and poaching with only 6 (yes you read right!), birds recorded in West Bali National Park.

The Bali Starling conservation project was developed and funded by the Begawan Foundation with the sole purpose of saving the species from extinction through extensive breeding and conservation efforts in Nusa Penida, an offshore island 16 kilometres from Bali, to release them back into the wild. The project has been very successful due to its efforts in collaborating and empowering 35 local villages and implementing traditional customary laws to make it illegal to hunt, kill, trade or smuggle the birds.

Our friends at the Begawan Foundation in Bali sent us a newsletter recently with a link to a video taken by some volunteers who observed a session of microchipping some of the Bali Starlings involved in the project.

Microchips Australia is very proud to support the Begawan Foundation in their efforts to save these beautiful birds!

Doug Black