Trovan ID-162 (1.4) ISO FDX-B Midi-Chip - 10 Pack

Trovan ID-162 (1.4) ISO FDX-B Midi-Chip - 10 Pack


The Trovan ID162(1.4) Midi-Chip is the latest addition to the Trovan range of passive implantable transponders. The Trovan Midi-Chip is only 8mm long & 1.4mm diameter. That is much smaller than the conventional Trovan ID162 (ISO FDXB) and Trovan ID100 (FDXA) transponders (11.5mm x 2.1mm diameter) and only slightly larger than the Trovan ID100 (1.25) Nanotransponder (7mm x 1.25mm diameter).

Comparative View of Trovan Midi-Chip (top), standard ID162 ISO FDXB Transponder (middle) and Nanotransponder (bottom)

As the ISO FDXB format is consistent with the format for transponders now used to identify dogs, cats and horses in Australia, the Trovan Midi-Chip is ideal for use in identifying kittens, cats, small breed dogs and puppies as well as small avian and exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice.

The Trovan ID162(1.4) Midi-Chip is supplied in an indivdual pre-sterilsed in-needle format for use with the customised re-usable syringe-type implanter (IM-200 (1.4)) specifically designed for use only with the Midi-Chips.

Midi-Chip in-needle

For use in pets, the Trovan ID162(1.4) Midi-Chips are sold with a lifetime registration on the national Central Animal Records database to ensure traceability. "Chip&Life" packages can be purchased in the same manner as those for cats, dogs and horses in Australia. These can be purchased via veterinary wholesalers or direct from Microchips Australia.

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