LID573 Pocket Reader

LID573 Pocket Reader

from 569.00

The LID573 Pocket Reader is identical to the LID560 Pocket Reader except that it has computer connectivity via USB allowing the user to download stored data on the reader to a computer. Battery usage has been reduced by using the USB connection to power the reader during communication with the computer to download data or upload custom codes.

The LID573 Pocket Reader can store up to 3060 readings with identification, date and time stamp and transfers it to the computer in an Excel spreadsheet format via the use of the free cable and software. Memory can be extended as an option if needed.

Custom Code allocation up to 32 characters suing the free software can also be used to then display the Custom Code on the LCD display of the reader rather than the transponder code.

Bluetooth communication and an Infra-red interface are also available options at extra cost.

Powered by a simple 9volt battery, there are 3 versions of the LID573 Pocket Reader available:

LID573 - reads Trovan Unique and Trovan Flex transponders

LID573 MULTI- reads Trovan Unique, Trovan Flex, Trovan ISO FDX-B microchips and all other ISO FDX-B microchips commonly used throughout Australia as well as HDX (e.g.NLIS cattle tags)

LID573 UNIVERSAL- reads all of the microchips that the LID573 MULTI reads as well as AVID encrypted microchips.

The base price of the reader is $569.00 inc GST but this will increase by an amount dependent on the version selected and the options required.

NOTE: PC Software is NOT compatible with IOS Apple devices.

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