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It has come to our attention that some people have been using implanters other than the approved Trovan implanters to insert Trovan microchips in animals. 

We have had reports that implanters such as those used for injecting hormone implants (such as Suprelorin/Deslorelin implants) have been used to implant Trovan microchips/transponders and we at Microchips Australia strongly advise against this practice. When implanting any microchips it is very important that the implanting rod is precisely the correct length. Too short and the microchip may not be completely implanted and too long could result in the plastic stylet being pushed out beyond the margins of the bevel of the needle. 

Some people prefer to pinch the skin over the needle between their thumb and forefinger as they withdraw the needle after implanting the chip. If the correct Trovan implanter is used, this technique is perfectly acceptable. If the correct Trovan implanter is used to implant the microchip, the end of the stylet is still within the margin of the bevel of the needle after implantation. Also, due to the plastic expander in the middle of the stylet, the stylet is quite tightly held in the needle making it extremely difficult to remove the stylet from the needle. 

However, if the incorrect implanter is used and the end of the stylet has been pushed out too far and beyond the tip of the needle, then the stylet itself could be left under the skin after implantation, especially if the skin-pinching technique is used. For example, our testing has shown that, if you implant a Trovan microchip using one of the  Suprelorin/Deslorelin implanters with the plunger fully depressed, the plastic inserting stylet is about 75% ejected from the needle and relatively easily removed from the needle by the skin pinching technique as the needle is withdrawn.

It is also important to use the correct Trovan implanter for each the Trovan microchips The Trovan Unique ID100 (FDXA) and the Trovan ID162 ISO (FDXB) transponders can both be implanted using either the Trovan IM200 (green) syringe-style implanter  or the IME Deluxe implanter  . The Trovan ID162 (1.4) Midi-Chip transponder must be implanted with the specific Trovan IM200 (1.4) syringe-style (white) implanter . All of these implanters are re-usable. The Trovan ID100 (1.25) FDXA Nanotransponder only comes as an all-in-one implanter/needle/transponder product and so does not require a re-usable implanter.

Using the Correct Trovan Implanter

Trovan IM200 Implanter and needle prior to implanting:

During implanting:

Trovan ID162, needle and Trovan IM200 implanter after implanting:



Using an Inappropriate Implanter (in this case a Suprelorin Implanter)

Stylet almost entirely ejected from needle after implantation of Trovan ID162 using a Suprelorin implanter:


Suprelorin implanter, Trovan needle, stylet and Trovan ID162 transponder: