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Laboratory Animals

Microchips Australia, as sole distributor of Trovan product in Australia, has been involved in supplying implantable microchips and reading systems to the vast majority of laboratory animal breeding and establishments in Australia and the chips have been used in a large number of lab animal species.


There are a number of exciting products that are specifically geared to laboratory animal applications:


  1. Trovan Unique ID100 (FDXA) microchips. These are a small glass-enveloped microchip supplied in individual needles in sterilised format and are generally implanted under the skin. There are a number of advantages in using the ID100 chips including quality, reliability and uniqueness of code issues.
  2. Now also available is the new Trovan Nanotransponder that is just 7mm long & 1.25mm diameter!! This compares to the conventional implantable microchips that measure 11mm x 2.2mm diameter - that’s nearly HALF the size!! This implantable microchip is the answer for identification of very small or young animals and is therefore likely to satisfy Animal Ethics committee concerns about the use of conventional microchips in these animals!
  3. We also have a range of rugged, industrial, non-implantable transponders that can also be used to identify inanimate objects such as cages, equipment etc.

These implantable and non-implantable transponders are all displayed on the Products page of the website under Transponders.


 We carry two alternative and inexpensive applicators and the choice is personal preference. These are displayed on the Products page on the website under Implanters.

Reading Systems

Scanning animals can be effecively and economically done by using one of our wide range of portable hand-held readers or any of our fixed antennas with attached decoders. 

With almost all of these options, animal identification/day/date and time data that has been picked up by the readers can be transferred via RS232, USB or Bluetooth connectivity (depending on the reader/decoder) to a laptop or other computer in common formats such as Excel. 

All of these products are listed in our Products page on the website.

If, after viewing the various hand-held and fixed readers on the Products page, you still require more information, please feel free to contact us directly and we can make some recommendations on what would be most appropriate for you.

Surgery Platforms

Microchips Australia is proud to be an exclusive distributor of the Surgery Platform range of Animal ID products in Australia and New Zealand. Take a look at these on our Products page as there are some fantastic innovative items that will help you greatly in your laboratory, tertiary institution, research facility or animal breeding facility!

Space Drapes

Microchips Australia is also proud to be an exclusive distributor of the Space Drapes range of products in Australia and New Zealand. These products provide new and innovative ways of combatting hypothermia in laboratory animals. Take a look at these on our Products page.