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We use Trovan transponders and reading systems for the identification and management of many items in industrial or other applications such as concrete road barriers (tag embedded prior to the concrete pour), hospital beds, wheels, plastic rubbish bins, pumps, equipment and even dentures! The chances are that there will be an RFID solution for just about any application you can think of, so contact us with your query and we will help you find the solution!


In these applications we often use transponders other than the implantable microchip transponders used in animals. These transponders are in different sizes and shapes and can be attached by various methods such as glue or using a screw through a central hole etc. 

We have various readers - hand-held/portable and fixed panel, circular or square antenna/decoder reading systems. The three hand-held readers we most commonly supply in Australia are the LID560, LID575 and GR250 readers. We also have a reader that is capable of performing both RFID transponder detection and decoding as well as bar code scanning - the PSION Workabout Pro Gen2 with LIDWAP - and this is also a complete hand-held computer using a Windows Mobile 6 operating system!

Check out our complete range of transponders and readers that we supply for industrial uses on our Products page of the website.