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Animal Identification - Companion Animals


Microchips Australia has been supplying implantable Trovan microchips for use in companion animals/domestic pets since 1989. These microchips have been used to identify pets such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rabbits and other exotic pets!

All of our ISO FDXB implantable microchips for use in dogs, cats and horses are sold with a lifetime registration on the National animal registry Central Animal Records.

We have 2 packages to choose from, both packages include a Trovan ISO microchip supplied in a pre-sterilised needle & blister pack with 6 bar-coded chip labels, a listing on the Central Animal Records database (, a uniquely numbered external collar tag and subscription forms. The microchips are implanted via a separate implanter reducing the amount of waste after implantation, as you only need to discard of the needle & blister pack. There is a choice of 2 implanters (see Implanters in Products section).

The STANDARD pack delivers a “Certificate of Identification” & enables pet owners to have authorised access via the C.A.R web to view & update their own pet records, with the BASIC pack delivering an "Identification Acknowledgement” with no website access.

The all inclusive Chip&Life price for the BASIC pack and the STANDARD pack will vary according to the number ordered, but there are NO extra charges to you after implantation. Packs are available in sizes 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1,000 and the single unit price reduces with volumes of 200 & even more savings for packs of 500 & 1,000!  

We often have a scanner special available which we will advertise periodically whereby you can receive free of charge, for example, a Trovan LID560 hand held multireader with orders of 500 or 1000 chips depending on the offer.

You can order our packs directly from Microchips Australia, or via your veterinary wholesaler. 

Once you have purchased Trovan microchips from Microchips Australia, you are also able to view your own clinic/council/organisation implant details via secure log-in to the Central Animal Records website, free of charge. You are also entitled to all support brochures & posters free of charge, plus we have other promotional items available at cost price, such as demonstration acrylic dogs, cats or key-rings "implanted" with a live Trovan microchip, as well as stickers etc. that we find serve as a great promotional tool.

Call or email us at Microchips Australia for accurate pricing and further information about our ISO Chip&Life packages for companion animals.